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Kids Flight Suit

Kids Flight Suit
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Kids Flight Suit
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Army Surplus World has children's flight suit in both green and black with or without patches. This flight suit is without patches. Looks similar to the adult flight suit. Poly/Cotton Material, 2-Way Front Zipper, Leg Zippers, Adjustable Waist & Cuff. Velcro place for name badge. Well-made.The children's flight suit makes a great Halloween costume, Christmas gift or make believe costume. The children's flight suit is well made so kids can wear them over and over again.

• Perfect for Halloween, Dance Groups, or Plays
• Great for kids who want to dress up as a pilot
• 2-way Front Zipper
• Leg Zippers
• Multiple zipper pockets on the the chest and legs
• Place for velcro name badge
• Adjustable Waist & Cuffs
• Poly/Cotton
• No Patches - Patch sets added for an additional charge. Orders with Patches are non-returnable. All Flightsuits may be exchanged only. no return for credit.
•Small: Back length 42 inch, chest 14 inch
•Medium: Back length 48 inch, chest 16 inch.
•Large: Back length 54 inch chest 18 inch.
•XLarge: Back length 60 inch chest 20 inch.

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